Here it is almost two years to the day since my friend and I launched this little experiment called Techwondo. It started as a web technology experiment to see if we could learn the ways of Drupal and CSS. After investing hundreds of hours into learning the craft, we managed to get it up and running at 98% completion. We planned to make multiple updates a day to keep our readers coming back. It was going to be great....or so we thought.

We quickly learned that building the infrastructure for a dynamic website was the easy part. Generating the content was a completely different problem. What should we write about? Should we put up ads? How do we balance the amount of time we each spend writing articles? Things quickly ground to a halt and we were left with a nice set of wheels, but no where to go. Life also happens (kids, Hurricane Ike pealed my roof off, etc.), and the next thing you know two years blows right by.

OK, enough with the sulking. It's time to move forward with Techwondo. Me and my friend have parted ways on this project, so it's just me now. I'm the lone blogger here and I'm going to do my best to give what few readers are out there some quality content. Since Techwondo was envisioned to be a computers, technology, and entertainment blog, I'm going to stick with that same theme.

I will caution you that I'm currently heavily addicted to computer and Xbox 360 gaming at the moment. Expect to see many updates related to my gaming activities. Also, I'm a huge fan of Windows 7 Media Center. I'm planning a highly detailed set of how-to articles related to building your own Home Theater PC (HTPC) around Windows Media Center. Related to that, I'm also going to show you have to save money on your monthly entertainment budget by dumping your cable or satellite service and still get the TV shows you crave for free.

In closing, it feels good to be back and contributing quality content to the web. I hope to see you back here on Techwondo in the coming weeks.